Sell Your Phone for These Smartphones

Sell Your Phone for These Smartphones


The world is constantly filled with smartphones packed with so many features. Right now, there’s simply too many to choose from. It’s really hard to choose what you like out there. Of course, big names like Apple and Samsung should be on top of your list.

Which phone should you buy? Take a look at this list and hopefully you’ll find what you need. Sell your phone right now!

Apple iPhone 4S

You’ve probably heard of the ubiquitous iPhone 4S by now. Maybe you’ve even used one. The iPhone 4S is probably the most popular smartphone in the world, thanks to staunch Apple fanatics. At one point, the iPhone was even dubbed the Jesus phone.

It’s that crazy!

Of course, you can’t blame the phone that started the whole “touchscreen design” thing. It’s the phone that got everything right.

With the iPhone 4S, you get an 8 megapixel camera, Retina Display and a powerful A5 dual core processor as seen in the iPad 2.

It also has Siri, an interactive virtual assistant. No other phone in the world has this feature! It recognizes your voice and you can order it to send emails and text messages for you.

Of course, the great thing about this phone is the access to quality apps in the App Store.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung trails or leads (depending on how you look at it) Apple when it comes to smartphones. They too, are considered a leader in smartphone innovation. This time though, they support the Android operating system.

Currently, the latest version of Android is 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich. This version has plenty of features that rival the iOS of Apple. Things like Face Unlock and true multitasking are favored features of this version.

We recommend you buying the Galaxy Nexus because it is the phone where you’ll get a pure Android experience. That’s because most manufacturers, even Samsung themselves, have custom Android skins with added features. With a Nexus device, you’re sure to have a pure experience.

It has a large screen with Super AMOLED Display. It definitely looks better than the iPhone’s screen. It also has a 5 megapixel camera which you’ll really like.