Neck Lift Swelling – Necklift Numbness

Neck Lift Swelling – Necklift Numbness


As with any surgical procedure there is a high chance that you will have numbness as well as swelling. A neck lift is no different and one can have many expectations that cannot be completely fulfilled until this swelling goes down. Since each patient is different, the ability to give an exact length of time for the numbness and swelling caused by a neck lift to fade away is next to impossible. The great news is that a rough estimate of numbness and swelling can be given without too many issues.

In general the average lift patient will be able to show off their new younger looking neck in about three weeks time. The swelling associated with a neck lift can last for several weeks after the completion of the procedure. This is just normal residual swelling caused by the injury to the nerves in your neck. It is important to note that any time a person undergoes any surgical procedure, the body treats it as an injury and the swelling is just a precaution to prevent further injury while it repairs itself.

The incision stitching scars will also be visible for a few months depending on your skin tone and the scar tissue build up near the incisions. In general it takes the average scar six to nine months to fully mature and blend in with the surrounding skin.

Numbness associated with a neck lift will not usually last very long. This sensation is an effect on the nerves which may have been damaged during the procedure. The nerves are attached not only to the skin, but sometimes the muscles as well. When the fat cells are removed, this causes the nerves to become irritated and there is also a chance of them getting damaged. Then when the surgeon pulls the skin tight there is also the chance of injury to any nerves that may be attached to both skin and muscle tissue. The length of time for this numbness to disappear varies from patient to patient and from surgery to surgery.

Talk to your surgeon if the swelling and numbness continues for extended periods or becomes a major issue. In other words if your whole face starts to go numb or it becomes hard to breath, this is when you would talk to the doctor, anything else is usually normal to the injury the neck sustained.