Discover How Good Enough You Are – Can You Hear The Song In This?   

Discover How Good Enough You Are – Can You Hear The Song In This?



Are You Good Enough?

Lets go back in time and look back at your up bringing. How was it do you have snap shots or a movie? What are they saying? What are you feeling? Over time I have realized that time does heal. What do you think when you look back at your time line? The way I grew up and who and how I am today are two different people. I am sure you are the same if you don’t feel that way hang in there and have faith in Intuitive Spiritual healer  yourself and with some self development it will happen. I did it and have pursued my dreams like education, travel and have become a very successful professional, wife, businesswoman, and Healer. Despite what I heard growing up that I will never mount to anything and I wasn’t good enough. What happened? I had a dream and that dream and I become one, a somebody. You can too.

Not matter where and how we were raised you can turn your life around not matter that your age is.

Here is a snap shot of my story, remember your as you read mine.

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe during the segregation era, where Africans and Whites did not live happily together…or ever after. I was raised by Missionaries and by parents who worked for the Missionaries and thought they were missionaries themselves. Education was a big thing in those days in Zimbabwe and it became my mission…my driving force. Our near bough to the south, South African was deeper into apartheid; Zimbabwe had its fair share of segregation. I suffered a lot of put-downs, shame and inferiority complexes.

I am inviting you to transcribe your story don’t get tangled up in emotions, because what you need now is to let your EGO self the intellect tell its story. It needs to heard, maybe it was never heard by anybody. Now its time to be the parent and listen to your inner child.

In my upbringing whether male or female, we were constantly reminded that we had too much skin pigmentation and could never expect to succeed at anything in life. We were never looked at as equals, or bright, or gorgeous, or brilliant.

What about you? Were you listened to at all? How did you feel when the adult/s around you ignored you? Now listen to yourself what do you hear and what are you saying? Maybe your adults were enlightened and they praised and acknowledged you.

Despite all that went on in your life here you are to tell the story.

If your up bringing was like mine which was suppression and oppression there was something powerfully within me that encouraged, pushed and gave me the power and strength to go on and make my dreams come true. What about you and your inner genie deep within did you listen, took notes and followed through? You too have a very powerful presence that continuously I did more than I was expected to do from the very beginning of my life. This “something deep within” is there day and night ready willing and able to be your invisible partner and guess what you don’t have to pay for it. Mine helped me to know what I wanted and it encouraged me to listen and follow my heart’s desire. I wanted to be educated, to be a somebody, to travel and get out of the misery.

We all have stories about our up bringing. These stories have shaped us. What about you how is your story shaping up? What were your circumstances growing up? Did you, or shall I say do you, listen to that something deep within that is helping you follow the map your of destiny? Do you say to yourself: ” I knew that” or ” I should have listened to my gut feelings or heart” or “I knew that wasn’t right for me” Even though the “not good enough” rhyme was being sung around you, you can be what your heart is directing you “just listen”. I detested it over and over and I did everything possible to prove them wrong. My mantra was “Watch me” — I set my goals and I reached them! What is your mantra and how do you encourage yourself to keep going regardless of what people say?